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New additions to our range this year

Babylon Eyes

Babylon Sunshine

Ebb Tide


Mamma Mia

My Girl


Special Dad

Special Mum


2409 Bonica--Shrub Rose 2410 Super Excelsa--Rambler 2412 L.D. Braithwaite David--Austin Shrub 2414 Wiltshire--Ground Cover 2415 Super Excelsa 2417 Jubilee Celabration--David Austin Shrub 2418 Margaret Merrill-- Florabunda Fragrant White 2419 Old Port--Florabunda Fragrant Purple 2421 Sexy Rexy--Florabunda Pink Slight Fragrance 2423 Super Trooper--Florabunda Bright Orange Slight Frag 2425 Iceberg--Florabunda White Fragrant 2428 A Moment in Time--Florabunda. R.O.T.Y. 2012 2429 Rhapsody in Blue--Tall florabunda V. fragrant R.O.T.Y. 2003 2432 Bantry Bay--Pink Climber 10-12ft Sl. Frag 2434 Mme Alfred Carriere--O.F.Rambler. White V frag 2436 Regensberg--Patio Miniature.Pink White 2437  Festival--Patio  Red 2441 Guy's Gold--Florabunda Yellow Harkness Frag 2444 Lady Marmalade--Florabunda Apricot Frag. R.O.T.Y. 2014 2446 Florabunda Red Very Floriforous 2447 You're Beautiful--Florabunda Pink Sl. Frag. R.O.T.Y. 2013 2450 Trumpeter 2452 Champagne Moments--Florabunda Cream Frag. R.O.T.Y. 2006 2454 Teasing Georgia--David Austin Shrub or Climber V. Frag 2455 Strawberry Hill--David Austin Shrub Frag 2457 Tess of The D'Ubervilles David Austin Shrub Dk. Red V. Frag 2459 Sweet Ballymaloe Shrub Rose Small Pink Flowers 2461 Marjorie Fayre--O.F. Shrub Dk Pink With White Eye 2462 Berkshire--Ground Cover, Dk. Pink-Red 2465 The Fairy--Patio Soft Pink V. Floriforous 2473 Raspberry Royale--Raspberry Red, V. Floriforous 2475 Rambling Rosie--O.F.Rambler, Small Red Flowers V. Floriforous 2477 Belvedere--O.F. Rambler, Small White Flowers 2480 Felicitie Perpetue__O. F. Rambler, Small White Flowers Tinged Pink 2483 Fascination Florabunda--Shrimp Pink Sl. Frag 2485 Pink Iceberg--Florabunda Pink Variations. 2487 Irish Eyes  Florabunda Yellow-Orange Small Flowers. R.O.T.Y. 2000 2489 Peace  Hybrid T--Yellow-Pink Tinge, Tall Frag. 2491 Tickled Pink Florabunda Pink, Tall Strong Upright And Good Disease 2491 Tickled Pink Florabunda Pink, Tall Strong Upright And Good Disease resistance R.O.T.Y. 2007 2493 Raspberry  Royale 2495 Fellowship  Florabunda  Orange Fragrant. 2497 Absolutely Fabulous   Florabunda butter yellow. Frag. and Ab Fab.! 2499 Alexander  Hybrid T. Tall Vermillion Orange. 2501 Rhapsody in Blue 2505 Pink Carpet Standard Wow! In Just Roses Garden. 2507 Trumpeter In Just Roses Garden 2520 Sheila's Perfume   Florabunda Red-Yellow, Frag. lightbox text jqueryby v5.9


'Abbeyfield'  H.T. 'Absolutely Fabulous' Florabunda 'Amber Queen' Florabunda 'Aperatif' H.T. 'Berkshire' Ground Cover 'Fragrant Cloud' H.T. 'Mamma Mia' H.T. 'Margaret Merrill' Florabunda 'Mullard Jubilee'  H.T. 'Pink Iceberg' Florabunda 'Rhapsody in Blue' Florabunda 'Rock and Roll' H.T. 'Sexy Rexy' Florabunda 'Sheila's Perfume' 1 Florabunda 'Sheila's Perfume' 2 Florabunda 'The Alnwicke Rose' David Austin 'The Portland Rose' Old fash shrub rose 'Trumpeter'  Florabunda 'Warm Wishes' H.T. 'Wishing' H.T. 'You're Beautiful' Florabunda R.O.T.Y. 2013 lightbox text jqueryby v5.9

More Roses at "Just Roses"

Mountbatten FlorabundaRhapsody in Blue You're Beautiful Rose of the Year 2013 0485 Abbeyfield Rose 0478 Rock'N'Roll Rose 0481 Eyes for You (Pejbigeye) 0448 Glad Tidings 0501 Golden Jubilee Hybrid Tea Rose 0421 Granpa Dickson Hybrid Tea Rose 0460 Irish Eyes 0446 Korresia Floribunda Rose 0450 Old Port Shrub Rose 0432 Peer Gynt Hybrid Tea Rose 0426 Pink Iceburg 0440 Joie de Vivre Rose 0438 Rememberance EU Floribunda Rose 0423 Rose Chinatown 0430 Shocking Blue 0503 Silver Jubiee Hybrid Tea Rose0416 Tequila Sunrise 0483 The Alnwick Rose 0469 Trumpeter Floribunda Rose 0458 Tuscany Supurb 0471 Wishing Floribunda 0435 With All My Love Hybrid Tea Rose 0464 Thumbnail jQuery by v5.3

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