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Empathy After Plant for Roses 1kg




A biologically active plant food Empathy After plant rose food is specifically formulated for roses, containing essential nutrients, biologically active Mycorrhiza fungi and nitrogen fixing bacteria together with added magnesium.

empathy after plant rose food contains Alfalfa, as a source of plant derived nitrogen, required for top growth and greening. Together with seaweed meal and green compost as sources of potassium, required for flowering and fruiting. The nitrogen fixing bacteria in the product fix nitrogen from the air whilst also producing natural growth promoting factors for the treated plant.

empathy after plant rose food also contains root grow Mycorrhiza fungi, these natural fungi are essential to soil life, continually growing out from the roots of a treated plant into the soil finding new sources of nutrients and water. This huge Secondary root system Increases the nutrient flow to the plant over its entire life time, resulting in ‘stronger healthier plants.’ planting with root grow Mycorrhiza fungi is best planting practice, improving establishment, natural vigour and ultimately flowering and fruiting.